how to invest

We are unique asset manager focused on quantitative algorithms and dedicated to providing flexible solutions to RIAs, Family Offices, and other institutional investors. Our goal is to provide you with a risk-based investment solution that reduces your client's fears and improves your portfolio results. We try to set ourselves apart from other investment managers by being as flexible as possible with our solutions. We want to fit into your business model and not force you to adapt to ours. As a result, there are a variety of different ways you can work with us.

White Label

Our investment strategies can be made available through LOWAG via SMA / UMA on the following platforms:

  • - Envestnet
  • - TD Ameritrade
  • - Fidelity
  • - Schwab
  • - Pershing
hedge fund

Our Long/Short Equity strategy can be accessed directly through:

  • - an investment in an existing fund
  • - as a fund of fund
  • - feeder fund structure
  • - license our algorithms to be used within your existing fund
strategy licensing agreement
Under a Strategy Licensing Agreement, we will provide you trade signals directly either via email/text or access to a private trading server at a top tier hosting environment. We will license existing strategies or a custom developed one. The benefits are:
  • - You can combine multiple strategies as a complete custom portfolio solution or merge into your existing
  • - Private labeling allows you to control marketing and presence to your clients
  • - You maintain full control of your clients accounts without any additional paperwork per account
  • - You maintain control over actual trading

We understand that investors have become fee sensitive. As a result, we have very flexible management and performance fee structures to limit the overall fee impact on the end client.